Constraints and Countermeasures of Digital Economy Empowering High-quality Development in Chinese Agriculture

Ling Huang


With the wide application of networking, informatization, and digitization technologies in agriculture, as well as the improvement of farmers’ modern information skills, the digital economy has become an important engine driving high-quality development and digital transformation in agriculture. Digital agriculture is an essential component of the national strategy for “Digital China” and an effective measure to achieve the deep integration of informatization and agricultural modernization. Driven by digital technologies, digital agriculture in rural areas shows tremendous development potential, huge market demand, and broad application prospects. The era of digital-driven agriculture and rural areas “leapfrogging” is approaching. However, the digital economy empowering high-quality development in agriculture also faces various constraints, such as lagging infrastructure construction, slow development of digital agriculture, insufficient endogenous driving forces, and difficulties in practical applications. To address these issues, the government should increase investment, clarify directions, promote industry academia research collaboration, and strengthen core technologies. These measures will enable the digital economy to better empower the high-quality development of Chinese agriculture.

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