Do Industrial Companies in Lebanon Have the Requirements to Apply Lean Accounting? An Exploratory Study of a Sample of LCPAs

Hasan El-Mousawi, Ahmad Jaber, Ibrahim Fakih


Significant changes have occurred in the industrial sector, including the adoption of Japanese management ideas such as waste reduction, quality manufacturing, employee participation, and continuous development. This change is a result of heightened competition among businesses, which makes it necessary to look for novel accounting ideas in order to adapt to changing client demands and obtain a competitive edge. The study at hand aimed to identify the availability of necessary requirements to apply lean accounting in industrial companies in Lebanon. The researchers identified two types of components, administrative and procedural. The researchers conducted a five-point Likert style questionnaire suitable to the subject and objectives of the study, and a random sample of 400 LCPA’s was selected and the questionnaires were distributed among them. The sum of 389 questionnaires were retrieved, and all were valid for testing. The descriptive analytical approach was used to describe the variables of the study and analyze them. To test the hypotheses and analyze the data, the SPSS statistical program was used. The researchers hypothesize that industrial companies in Lebanon have the administrative capabilities to implement lean accounting. The study concluded that the industrial companies in Lebanon have the administrative and procedural requirements to apply lean accounting.

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