Inclusive Leadership and Its Role in Organizational Innovation: Empirical Insights from IDEO’s Approach with Cineplanet

Zifei Meng, Jiayi Wang, Manhong Liu, Yingnan Nie


This study investigates the fusion of inclusive leadership and human-centered design thinking at IDEO, and their influence on fostering organizational innovation, specifically examining their application within Cineplanet, a key figure in the Peruvian and Chilean film industry. Since its inception in 1991 by David Kelley, Bill Moggridge, and Mike Nuttall, IDEO has championed transformative problem-solving in fluctuating market conditions. This report analyzes the amalgamation of IDEO’s teamwork and leadership models, examining the potential transference of their philosophy to augment Cineplanet’s service offerings and competitive stance. By dissecting the alignment of IDEO’s design thinking process with Tuckman’s Model of Group Development and exploring the synergy between distributed and inclusive leadership practices, this research provides a strategic framework for Cineplanet’s enhancement. The findings propose actionable recommendations for Cineplanet to adapt IDEO’s innovative culture to elevate customer experiences, thereby achieving sustainable market success.

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