The Commitment of the Human Resources Department on Work Ethics during the Corona Pandemic and Its Impact on the Job Security of Employees “Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and the Radisson Hotel as Case Study”

Ali M. Naeem, Mohammad H. Manhal


The current research aims to analyze the impact of the corona pandemic on the job security of employees and discussed the commitment of the human resources department on work ethics. The population in this research targeted the hospitality sector in Lebanon through the ministry of tourism representing the public sector, and the Radisson hotel that represents the private sector. The data was analyzed and a comparison between the two sectors was shown with the repercussions of the Corona crisis, and the study showed that private companies did not secure job security for workers because they deliberately dismissed a large number of employees from work, and therefore there was no application of laws and a guarantee of workers’ rights despite their existence. Here we faced another problem, which is the lack of application of laws in a period of crisis, while the public sector provided job security for employees, so there was no case of dismissal of the state employee, but the salaries remained the same, and thus job security was secured for the employee, but the public sector was not able to maintain on the standard of living of workers, their wages remained the same.

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