An Analysis of Population Return from the Perspective of Rural Urbanization

Zhenpeng Duan, Xinxin Xu


Coming up with the idea of new type of urbanization drives great changes of rural area. However, there hasn’t been high quality of rural urbanization compared with cities, which is becoming a weakness during the construction of urbanization. Therefore, it is very urgent to accelerate the construction of rural urbanization. Meanwhile, how to promote the development of rural area turns into a significant research field. Thus, as the main body of rural practical activities, human being becomes the developmental point of rural urbanization. The author puts forward the practical and theoretical policies via analyzing the influence factors “Push & Pull” about the reflux of rural population to promote the development of rural area and achieve the goal of rural urbanization, with supplementing the rational escalation of “Boosting” in cities and increasing the “Homesickness” of outflowing peasants.

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