Analysis of Strict Social Isolation (SSI-Lockdown) Measures Impacts on Atmospheric Pollutant Emissions and Health Risks on Roads with Intense Vehicle Flow in the City of Fortaleza-Ceara/Brazil

Brenna K. S. Lima, Mônica G. A. C. Ratts, Jhonatan F. Rabelo, Vanessa Maria Vasconcelos Veras, Rinaldo S. Araujo, Mona Lisa M. Oliveira, Francisco S. A. Cavalcante, Daniel S. Serra


In early 2020, governments of many countries adopted strict social isolation (SSI) measures to contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Disease (COVID-19). Thus, the present work aimed to evaluate the influence of those SSI measures on atmospheric pollutants emissions and their potential health risks in the city of Fortaleza - Ceará. To this end, static and dynamic analyses were carried out in order to investigate the levels of some atmospheric pollutants found in four main avenues during SSI and post-SSI periods.  In addition, some health indicators were investigated by analyzing potential Particulate Matter (PM) deposition in the respiratory tract of populations exposed to those environments. Our results for both dynamic and static analyses show that all pollutant concentrations from those avenues displayed an increase between SSI and the post-SSI period. The total PM2.5 dose deposited in the respiratory tract and potential total PM10 respiratory deposition showed increases between the SSI and post-SSI periods. The inhaled-dose numbers also showed considerable increases for all avenues when comparing SSI and post-SSI periods. According to our results, SSI contributed to decreases in atmospheric pollutant emissions, in potential particulate matter respiratory tract deposition and, consequently, in the inhaled particulate matter dose.

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