Strategic Thinking of Global Carbon Neutrality Process and the Routing of China

Ze Zhang


With the rapid spread of global energy crisis, it is urgent to realize the goal of zero-carbon energy revolution and carbon neutrality. From global perspective, developed countries and developing countries are at different stages of economic and social development. There are differences in progress in carbon neutrality laws and regulations, green technology development, and the large differences in policies and perceptions have led to imbalance and uncertainty in global carbon neutrality actions. On this basis, various parties all contribute to low-carbon and green development, while China faces many practical difficulties in achieving the carbon neutrality goal, which are reflected in higher difficulties than developed countries, improved energy security and transformation risks, insufficient core technology and innovation, and large funding gaps. Therefore, China can build a modern energy system, strengthen modern technology and independent innovation, improve the carbon emissions trading system, accelerate the optimization and upgrading of the whole industrial chain, and cultivate the public’s awareness of low-carbon consumption to help zero-carbon transformation. The role of China in global climate governance is changing, and it will provide Chinese solutions for the sustainable development of other countries and the realization of carbon neutrality goals.

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