Research and Application of Intelligent Construction in Prefabricated Building Construction

Zhou Yang, Xu Junjie


The rapid development of emerging technologies such as BIM has greatly promoted the intelligent development of prefabricated building construction. This paper adopts a research method that combines on-site investigation, field testing, and technological development to explore quality control in prefabricated building construction and the integration of prefabricated buildings with intelligent construction. Focusing on three key technologies in prefabricated building construction - component installation, on-site layout, and steel connection—the paper examines the technical principles, operational processes, and application effects. It also studies and develops intelligent construction-related technologies such as, accurate alignment of prefabricated components, intelligent layout technology and simultaneous self-locking connection technology for multiple steel. Additionally, two types of rapid steel layout equipment are developed. These findings provide references for the further integration of prefabricated concrete construction with intelligent construction.

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