The Social Relationship of Mice: The Influence of Sex and Status of Mice to the Approach Behavior toward Their Cage Mate

Zeyu Cai


Based on the statistics given by health report that interpersonal violence is among the leading causes of death for people aged 15-44 years worldwide. In order to explore the reasons of violent behavior occurrence, this article uses rodent as experiment subject and resident-intruder paradigm to conduct a 2x2 experiment. The experiment will measure whether sex or status will be significant on the effect of aggression occurrence and affiliative duration and number of cells count on their medial amygdala. The result of the experiment shows that male exhibit a higher level of aggression toward intruders compared to females. But for females, more afflilative behavior shown in the test toward their conspecifics. And male do have a larger cell counts in their medial amygdala, there is no evidence that these variables are caused driven by sex, status and sex: status interaction.

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