Climate Change, Female Domestic Practices, and Environmental Education Models

Bolatumi Oyegoke


This paper focuses on a significant aspect of the topical issue of Sustainable Environmental Development (SED), that of waste management by women. Waste Management (WM) is closely linked to Climate Change (CC). Women agency is an important factor in both WM and CC which have implications for SED. Awareness or perception has been identified as a crucial ecological driver; so awareness, waste management and climate change become crucial issues of SED. The study is of a qualitative type, part of a wider investigation of Osun State, Nigeria, using a mixed approach that includes the quantitative method. It examines the role of awareness in relation to domestic practices that impact on the environment. It advances the benefit of complementary contributions of behavioural change, personal change and social change models of environmental education in resolving SED challenges of our times.

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