Semi-Analytical Modeling of Fractured Horizontal Wells in Heterogeneous Formations Considering the Interference between Hydraulic Fractures

Fangdong Zhou, Yanwen Yu, Pinlu Cao, Liangliang Jiang, Shanshan Yao


In this study, a semi-analytical model is developed for the pressure and rate transient analysis of multi-stage fractured horizontal wells. This model simulates the fluid flow towards a fractured horizontal well centered in an unconventional formation with considering the interferences between hydraulic fractures under various heterogeneity conditions. In this proposed model, the formation is divided into sub-systems, and each sub-system is further composed of linear flow regions. Boundaries of the linear flow regions are being updated in real-time response to the interferences between hydraulic fractures. Applicability of the proposed model in heterogeneous reservoirs is demonstrated by the comparison with the five-region model published in literature. The proposed model is applicable to the heterogeneity conditions including a fractured horizontal well having heterogeneous completions and/or the formation being heterogeneous in reservoir properties. Furthermore, the proposed model is utilized to analyze field data from fractured horizontal wells in heterogeneous conditions.

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