Construction Monitoring and Results Analysis of a Certain Major Bridge

Zhu Mengshu


The construction method of continuous beam bridges is mostly cantilever casting in place, which has a long construction period and complex process, and is influenced by various factors. Therefore, it can have many adverse effects on the internal forces and deformation of the main beam. To ensure that the line shape of the main beam meets the design and regulatory requirements and that the internal forces of the completed bridge are close to the theoretical design values, ensuring the safe construction of the bridge, it is necessary to monitor the entire construction process of the bridge. This paper takes a certain major bridge as the background, monitors the entire construction process of the main bridge, collects the deflection values at control points and stress values at control interfaces at each construction stage, and compares the measured values with theoretical results. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the line shape changes and safety conditions of the bridge, assures the reliability and safety of the structure during construction, ensures that the relative elevation deviation of the closure section is less than the permitted values by standards, and makes sure that the line shape of the main beam after completion meets the design specifications.

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