Improving Economic Efficiency and Occupational Safety in Production Facilities Using the 5S-Kaizen Method

Do Thi Lan Chi


This manuscript explores the integration of the 5S-Kaizen method as a strategic approach to improve economic efficiency and occupational safety in production facilities. Economic efficiency in manufacturing involves optimizing resources, enhancing productivity, and managing costs, while occupational safety is vital for employee well-being and sustainable business growth. In Vietnam, where companies face challenges related to high production costs and unsafe working environments, the 5S-Kaizen method is implemented to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and create safer workplaces. This method promotes process enhancements, system improvements, and workplace layout modifications, resulting in cost savings, improved labor efficiency, and reduced occupational accidents and illnesses. The manuscript details the 5S methodology, Kaizen principles, their advantages and disadvantages, and the benefits of combining them. It emphasizes the need for leadership support, employee involvement, and continuous improvement for successful implementation. Ultimately, the integration of 5S and Kaizen fosters a culture of continuous improvement and sustainability, positively impacting economic efficiency and occupational safety.

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