Research on in-Situ Covering and Remediation Technology for Polluted Sediment in Village and Town Ponds

Jinghan Chen, Wenjie Gao, Menglei Sun, Denghong Wang


With the rapid development of the social economy and the continuous acceleration of urbanization, the development gap between urban and rural areas has become increasingly large. The infrastructure construction of villages and towns has seriously lagged behind urban development, resulting in a large amount of household waste and industrial wastewater being discharged into village ponds and rivers in daily life and development. This has led to an increasing amount of sludge at the bottom of village ponds, as well as the accumulation of heavy metal pollutants, oxygen consuming substances, and other substances, which can easily cause serious ecological environment pollution. By attaching great importance to this and adopting in-situ covering and restoration technology of sediment, we can effectively control the pollution of sediment in village ponds and protect the environment of villages and towns.

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