Contamination Assessment of Heavy Metals in Sediment Cores from De Montigny Lake around Siscoe-Sullivan Former Mining Sites, Val-d’Or, Canada

Patrick Vualu Ibula Mambenga


Seven sediment cores were collected from De Montigny Lake in order to determine concentrations, and contamination assessment of heavy metals such as Cr, Zn, Ni, Pb, Cu, Co and Cd. The mean concentrations of heavy metals are as follows: 48.3 mg/kg for Cr, 36.4 mg/kg for Zn, 20.6 mg/kg for Ni, 14.7 mg/kg for Pb, 10.2 mg/kg for Cu, 6.7 mg/kg for Co and 0.1 mg/kg for Cd. Based on the sediment quality guidelines, the mean concentration metals such as Cr, Cu and Ni exceeded the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) guideline. However, the concentration of Cr was more than the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for Protection of Aquatic Life (CCME), and Threshold Effect Level (TEL) guidelines. The metal contamination in the sediments was also evaluated using Enrichment Factor (EF) and geoaccumulation index (Igeo) to assess natural and anthropogenic factors. The results of enrichment factor methods demonstrated that sediments from De Montigny Lake were moderately to high enriched, mainly controlled by through anthropogenic activities. According to Sediment Quality Guidelines (SQGs), the concentrations metals from the core sediment of De Montigny Lake are classified as having moderate impacts with potential adverse biotoxic effects.

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