Treatment and Characterization of Wastewater from Tissue Paper Making Industry Using Bamboo as Raw Material

Abah M. Achadu, Idara-Obong. E. Akpan


This article focused on the treatment and characterization of wastewater from tissue paper making industry located in AkwaIbom State which uses bamboo as raw material. The wastewater samples generated during the pulping and bleaching processes were collected, analyzed to determine the pollution loads and thereafter treated to ascertain its suitability for disposal into the environment using standard methods by American Public Health Association (APHA). The results obtained before treatment were pH (7.42 and 4.49), EC (316µS/cm and 47µS/cm), TDS (158mg/l and 24mg/l), Turbidity (19.3NTU and 28.7NTU), BOD5 (74.02mg/l and 62.00mg/l), COD (140.30mg/l and 120.40mg/l), TOC (10.3% and 7.1%), selected heavy metals like, Pb (0.281mg/l and 0.273mg/l), Ni (0.115mg/l and 0.117mg/l), and Co (0.193mg/l and 0.208mg/l). The corresponding values after treatment were pH (8.08 and 7.88), EC (4.00µS/cm and 4 µS/cm), TDS (2.00mg/l and 2mg/l), Turbidity (9.6NTU and 5.1NTU), BOD5 (4.06mg/l and 4.11mg/l), COD (14.20mg/l and 12.80mg/l), TOC (0.1% and 0.1%), with selected heavy metals like Pb (0.040mg/l and 0.041mg/l), Ni (0.003mg/l and 0.005mg/l) and Co (0.011mg/l and 0.015mg/l). The average extent of treatment was slightly above 70% for the pulping unit sample and about 80% for that from the bleaching unit. The study recommends wastewater treatment before disposal.

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