Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction with Structure-Optimized Deep Belief Network

Yong Liu


This paper proposes a structure-optimized deep belief network method for short-term traffic flow forecast, which is used to solve the problems of too simple training data in deep learning short-term traffic flow forecast and random selection of model structure construction parameters. We constructed a deep belief network short-term traffic flow forecast model that can simultaneously train three types of traffic data related to the predicted node traffic volume, enhance the spatiotemporal correlation of predictions, and overcome the shortcomings of too single training data. At the same time, we optimize the short-term traffic flow prediction model structure of the deep belief network; and use the T-PSO algorithm to optimize the hidden layer structure parameters of the prediction model. It can avoid the decrease in the practicability of the model caused by the random selection of the model structure construction parameters. The experimental results show that the method of structure-optimized deep belief network is feasible and effective, and the prediction accuracy is better than the classic deep learning prediction model.

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