Physical and Mathematical Model of Relaxation Filtration of Undergrounds Water

Mikhail M. Burakov


Earlier, a number of publications presented the results of an experimental study of the free oscillations of the piezometric level of groundwater (pressure in a liquid) in wells with natural frequencies. In this case, the oscillations were initiated by a pulsed action on the aquifer through disturbing wells. The same publications proposed a theoretical interpretation of the established phenomenon. However, a critical analysis of these theoretical constructions showed their incorrectness. Accordingly, a consistent physical and mathematical model of groundwater relaxation filtration is proposed in this work, which provides a theoretical basis for the description and interpretation of the free oscillations of the piezometric level in a disturbing well with natural frequencies. Thus, the proposed physical and mathematical model made it possible to conclude that it is impossible to cause resonance during the initiation of free oscillations of the piezometric groundwater level. An analysis of the experimental data based on the model showed that the implementation of methodological developments based on the theory of relaxation filtration is possible and expedient only on fundamentally different, in comparison with existing, technical and methodological approaches to the experimental study of wave propagation in aquifers.

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