Correlation between Associated Trees, Cocoa Trees and Carbon Stocks Potential in Cocoa Agroforests of Southern Cameroon

Zapfack L., Chimi Djomo C., Noiha Noumi V., Zekeng J. C., Meyan-ya Daghela G. R., Tabue Mbobda R. B.


This study was conducted in the Cocoa Agro-Forests (CAF) of Mengomo’s locality. The aim was to evaluate the influence of some factors on carbon stocks. The sampling was done in 30 plots of 25 x 25 m 2 in which all trees with a dbh?10 cm were inventoried. The Shannon, Simpson and Evernnessindexes were calculated to characterize the diversity of trees associated with cocoa. 62 species belonging to 48 genera and 27 families were identified, the Anacardiaceae, Moraceae, Caesalpiniaceae,  Mimosaceae and Rutaceae, were revealed the most diverse families, with 5 species each. Shannon’s (3.66), Evernness’s (0.76) and Simpson’s (0.96) indexes have reflected a low diversity, dominated by some few
species. The average density of cocoa trees is 1028 trees/ha. They store about 22.51±5.86 Mg C/ha. Associated trees stored 124.20±60.05Mg C/ha for tree density of 113 trees/ha. These CAF sequestered about 146.71Mg C/ha. The multiple correspondence analyses showed that carbon stocks in the CAF are positively correlated with the associated trees and the age of the CAF and negatively correlated with the abundance of cocoa trees. The biomass of cocoa is independent of the associated trees, but is inversely related to the density of the associated trees.

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