Sustainable Development, Electricity Generation and Renewable Energy substitution in Middle East Countries and Cooperation of Iran

Fatemeh, M. Shahrtash


The energy category over the world has been considered as Coal, Natural Gas, Hydro, Nuclear, Wind, Oil and Solar PV by means of 38%; 29%, 16%; 10%and %5 respectively. Where the main reserve holders of Russia, Iran, Qatar, U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia r, have regarded natural gas as an alternative of energy. In which Iran is in the second position after Russia. Where the electricity generation has been considered by China, U.S.A, India, Russia, Japan and Canada respectively and Iran is in the 14th place. Besides renewable energy, capacity installed over the world is in terms of GW-2019 has been defined by China, U.S.A, and Brazil, India, and Germany respectively. However, solar power installed in Middle East Countries and Africa (MENA) is in terms of Terra watt-hour per year by Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. Whereas solar power markets has been classified by China, India, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Turkey and Netherland in GW-2018 respectively Iran has been considered for the energy resource of Oil as 25%, Natural Gas as 69%, and Hydroelectricity as 6% in 2018 as the main respectively. China, U.S.A., India, Japan and Australia have respected the solar power market consideration in GW-2018 as the most important countries. Other considerations for CO2 emission over the globe has been made by China (27.2%), U.S.A (14.58%), India (6.82%), Russia (4.68%), Japan (3.33%) and, Germany (2.21%) as the most important ones.

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