Anew Finding of Allocreadium Isoproum (Looss, 1902) (Digenea Allocreadinae) Parasite of the Stomach of Freshwater Fishes Tetraodon Fahaka from Jebel Aulia Dam Southern Khartoum, Sudan

Eshraga Dafa Alla Mahmoud, Saadia Ahemed Youins, Ahmed Mohammed Musa, Abdlgader Mahammed Ahmed


A species of Allocreadinae (Trematoda, Digenea) was found in the stomach of freshwater fish “Tambar’’ Tetraodon fahaka (yousif), in Jebel Aulia Dam in the White Nile, southern Khartoum. The species classified in the genus Allocreadium isoproum (Loss, 1902) as a first finding in the Sudanese freshwater fishes the genus found from several freshwater fishes in Europe South America, Japan, and India (Yamagutti, 1958). The present study it was the first report in the Sudan and Africa as all. The objective of the study were to carryout the following characteristic to describe of parasites with relevant classification, the measurement of determination of the prevalence rate density of infection parasite.

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