Exploring the Tourism Potentials of Port Harcourt City

Chinago B. Alexander, Kponi Godwin


The emergence of urbanization and application of modern technologies in modern cities is indeed the essence of this academic research. However, Port Harcourt city in South-South Nigeria, it is noted that there are enough potentials for maximum tourism as well as enough resource that are yet to be harnessed for the ultimate development of tourism. Thereby, this paper explores the tourism potentials of the arguing that its tourism potentials have not been fully exploited due to low level of development, associated with lack of interest ignorance neglect form both Government and non-governmental organization in terms of investment or patronage. Also, it posits that the neglect of power town planning has dwarfed the aesthetics of the city. The paper aligns with greater Port Harcourt City plan as long as it is made a State policy and not a regime goal. Observation and focused group interview were employed in gathering primary information/date. The paper recommends for proper town planning and investment as to improve the internally generated revenue (IGR) as well as the GDP of the nation that will embrace Port Harcourt and its environs.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/sshsr.v1n1p16


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