COVID 19 Cure Technique

Rimon Adel Louis


The cure presents in this study is course of techniques depend on three methods to neutralize the virus threat’s in both sides to prevent it from replication and mutation as the principle acknowledge the speed time of recovery and show the weakness parts in the virus itself by using effective strategy. The cure include three specific procedure first step is to attack both infected cells and the virus molecules with plasma represented in ionic treatment by ionizing the air inside lung and allow the Zinc particles to attack the infected cells membrane which diffused in the body, second step supply and stimulate the immune system in order to complete the attack of the virus by changing the environment required for replication then destroy the damaged cells in order to force the virus to shrink finally the last step is to evacuate the body from the trash of the virus by using organic antioxidants plants help in extract mucus of dead viruses that technique is highly recommended to dismiss the dead virus bodies outside the patients and that will help to kill the virus and avoid it’s side effects in the long term as it is not confirmed that the virus mutate to latency stage then back to attack the body again specially there is no evidence for the full recovery of the patients as the tests done after a while and some of them return to positive results again which lead to some of them suffering from the virus again after recovery in addition to the randomly behavior of the virus that has been shown in the European countries unlike the Chinese virus which put the world in obstacle of speed mutation and that is so dangerous if we put in our consideration the huge numbers of the infected and dead persons, the strategy strongly remark the weakness points in the virus in order to neutralize it even in the late stages for the patients who suffering from immunity issues as the benefits from Cure can recover the actual infected and realistic for the numbers of the persons infected unlike the vaccine that required to be injected for billions of people.

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