Finding the Relevance of Music and Architecture in Shaping Physical Space and Structural Form of Prince Garden, Mahan, Kerman

Firoozeh Horri


Finding the relevance between various arts, architecture, poem, music, miniature, painting and, etc., has long been proposed and widespread. The discovery of such a relationship among music and architecture is done, and has pointed to many similarities and differences. Most previous researches taken on this term, are only tangible limited criteria such as movement, rhythm, repetition, symmetric and less discussed the relationship between semantic and content. Architecture is the concrete form of abstract geometry, music is the audio form of abstract mathematics. Architecture is the use of proportions in the mass of space, music is the use of proportions in the length of time. Music like architecture is a multi-layered art that under the influence of the material characteristic, both artists need to be aware about each layer criteria to have a final artistic prominent product, though the whole product always seems to be perceivable. The aim of this paper is providing a kind of aesthetic conceptual assessment and expressing emotional states in the Prince Garden with the same created sensation in Homayon musical Dastgah visitors. Data is gathered through textual and library method and its analysis is by descriptive approach. Moreover, this process has begun with the aim of establishing a connection between music and architecture.

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