Well-Being in Alpine Space: How Subjective Determinants Affect Urban and Rural Areas. A Case Study Analysis in South Tyrol, Italy

Federica Vigano, Enzo Grossi, Giorgio Tavano Blessi


The paper analyzes urban-rural difference on the individual psychological well-being of residents living in the Autonomous Province of Alto Adige, region on the border between Italy and Austria. Data comes from a cross-sectional survey undertaken in 2010 on a statistical representative sample, based on the PGWBI, an instrument specifically used to measure individual subjective well-being. The study examines the influence of socio-demographic factors, as well as cultural determinants, on the PGWBI. Urban inhabitants were found to perceive higher level of psychological well-being compared to rural ones, while the determinants affecting individual subjective had a greater impact on the rural one.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/uspa.v1n2p301


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