Smart Urban Street Advertising Pattern Using Internet of Things Based on Environmental and Traffic Conditions

Fatemeh Pourhossein Ghazimahalleh, Abbas Mahmoudabadi


The rapid development of communications together with the growing usage of Internet of Things have recently provided an opportunity for transformation of information and created a new generation of advertising, called smart advertising. The main aim of this research work is to develop a pattern on smart urban street advertising to offer a meaningful connection between the parameters received from the environment and the planned messages” displayed by smart billboards. The main idea behind the proposed pattern is to use a billboard which is capable of sensing parameters through environmental, thermal, visual and magnetic sensors. In order to investigate the existing relations between the advertisement patterns, a questionnaire has been developed and used to collect audiences’ viewpoints for selecting ads according to the criteria sensed by smart billboard. Using a sample size of 107, collected data have been analyzed to evaluate the overall vision on how to select ads through measurable criteria. Research results revealed that there is a significant relation between environmental and traffic parameters and the advertising contexts suggested by smart billboard. Therefore proposing smart billboards by detecting the environmental and traffic parameters can improve ads performance to attract the audiences.

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