The Weblog. A Log Used as a Complement to the Paper Log. Subtopic: New Pedagogical Techniques for the Teaching of Times

ALBERTO. Carolina, DELFINO. Clara, GONZALEZ LOPEZ. Ramiro, NICASIO, Cristina


Within the framework of the subject of Representation in the course of studies in Architecture at Blas Pascal University (UBP), the following teaching object is proposed, which claims to continue the work began in Egrafia 2016 “Challenging the sketch, beyond a log”, regarding the new Technologies in Architectural Representation.

It is presented as a complement to the freehand draw and to learn other intuitive and sensory techniques of representation by using technological devices and editing applications.

It suggests the use of the mobile device, cell phones, tablets, etc., in the workshop and possible drawing APP: Adobe Draw, Adobe Ideas and Tayasui sketches.

Scope and possible teaching applications:

Students can work on a weblog as a complement to a paper log.

It suggests the integration of other courses of studies at the university, for example with students of the course of studies in Graphic Design, Cinema, Engineering, etc.

In the course of studies in Architecture, its objective is the integration of different subjects, such as Representation, Visual Language, Landscape, Interior Design, Electives of Representation, etc., by generating a common digital format for presentations in different stages of the project.

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