The Research Laboratory of the Mediterranean University

Alberto De Capua


The laboratory, called LAB RENEW MEL created to test new technologies for producing energy from renewable sources thanks to the decisions of the management committees of three projects funded under the National Operational Program for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013:

RENEW Project (2014-2016) Coordinator prof. Claudio De Capua (Note 5)

MEL Project (2014-2016 Coordinator prof. Pasquale Fabio Filianoti (Note 6)

GELMINCAL Project (2011-2014) Coordinator prof. Francesco Della Corte (Note 7)

All three projects together have a budget of nearly thirty million Euros. These are substantial resources that can allow the Mediterranean to take on a role of excellence in research on renewables. The establishment of a research center aims to achieve this goal, involves three departments of the University of Reggio Calabria, two of Engineering area, the Department of Civil Engineering, Energy, Environment and Materials (DICEAM) and the Department of Information Engineering, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy (DIIES) and one of Architecture area, the Department of Architecture and Territory (dArTe).

The author of this article is also the designer together with professor Alessandro Villari and professor Angelo Di Chio, who have followed, from the initial stages, all aspects related to the relationship between the objectives of the research and those related to the implementation of the Laboratory.

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