Co-existing with COVID-19. Design for Resistance

Alberto De Capua, Lidia Errante, Valentina Palco


The paper investigates urban and domestic living and how these have been modified by the new needs, concerns and fears connected to the most recent global pandemic. The contribution highlights how urban and domestic dimensions are key elements of our existence and resistance. The topic is articulated in a twofold dimension:

-          the urban scale of the city, which is continuing to function even during the emergency, allowing us to believe that the tools in our hands are capable of being used in a more flexible way, both from a political-based and a design-based perspective;

-          the domestic sphere, whose connotations make the house versatile and flexible in the context of the progress and technological advancement that is now happening in the community and for this reason the space must meet the requirements of adaptability to operate perfectly even as a workplace.

Eventually, the contribution defines the requirements for a resistant living, and the tools that will enable us to design resistant urban and domestic space.

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