Government Compliance with Public Procurement Policy and Performance of Construction Enterprises in Cameroon: A Micro Panel Modelling Approach

Pius Ayekeh Tachang, PhD Candidate, Dobdinga Cletus Fonchamnyo, Associate Professor, Edokat Edward Oki Tafah, Professor


This paper aimed to investigate the implication of government compliance with public procurement policy for the performance of enterprises operating in the construction sector in Cameroon. To achieve its objectives, the paper made use of a micro panel collected with the help of structured questionnaires. The Pooled OLS and the random versus fixed effects models were used for the analyses. Findings revealed that the contract winning rate of construction enterprises increases monotonically over the period under study. While the performance of construction enterprises stagnated over the period 2013-2016, it only witnessed a drop in 2017 and 2018. The pooled OLS and the Random effect regression results revealed that government compliance with payment duration of construction enterprises’ bills positively and significantly affects the performance of construction enterprises in Cameroon. Based on these findings, the study recommends that the government could consider redressing the policies on the regular and prompt payment of enterprises’ bills within the timeline specified in the contracts to enable them meet up with their financial requirements, thereby contributing to their overall performance.

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