Urban Environmental Design, Guidelines in Creating a Balanced Singapore: Lessons for the Urban Communities in Thailand

Maneerat Pachankoo, Zhongwei Shen


Singapore has many limited resources. But at the same time can develop the country and preserve the environment of the city in a balanced and sustainable way. Therefore, the design of the city on this issue of Singapore is being taken to study the guidelines, as well as bringing the ideas to be presented to the urban communities that are experiencing environmental problems. Thailand has considered applying, and from the study found that Singapore’s urban development is consistent with universal theory, sustainable development, Smart City, compact city and livable city. And when analyzing these theories together with Singapore’s urban environment design, can summarize the guidelines into 4 main issues which are the Guidelines for balancing the city, the Guidelines for linking areas and activities within the city, the Guidelines for land using and urban planning, and the Guidelines for designing landscape elements that promote the good environment in the city. Moreover, building confidence by creating a sense of the country ownership together, as well as the state and the people participation in the development process is an important factor that makes Singapore a fast urban development among the “Good urban environment”.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/uspa.v3n4p1


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