Comparison between Some Wind-catchers and Its Effect in Natural Ventilation: Case Study

Mohsen Ahmadi, Kui Zhao


Nowadays, non-renewable energy sources are declining rapidly which they require a lot of energy and a lot of time and resources. They also require costly maintenance; the manufactured artifacts have a lot of rubbish and contaminants that are difficult to recycle. Using renewable energy sources and low cost with the least pollution can help to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy sources and reduce environmental pollution. In this work, research and study has been done on the advantages of using clean energy such as wind energy, wind-catchers construction method, advantages of using wind-catchers and finely comparison of parameters created when using wind-catchers and comparing them with the optimal standard parameters. Six buildings with different conditions wind-catchers in Yazd city, which is a desert city in center of Iran, were selected for research. All specifications of these wind-catchers such as model, length, width and etc., are shown. Then important parameters such wind speed, outside temperature, indoor temperature and humidity of each case is measured in two stages during the day and night in intervals of 1 to 4 months. Investigation of indoor and outdoor pollution, when the wind-catchers valves are open or close, and the effect of wind-catchers on the entry of noise, dust and air pollution such as carbon dioxide into the building, and compare it to the acceptable standard limit provided by the health organization, as well as the effect of size of opening and height of the wind catchers on amount of increase or decrease in the entry of pollutants into the building. Recognizing the benefits of using clean energy, and recognition of types of wind-catchers, their construction methods and other parameters expressed, in general, all the information collected and comparisons and evaluations can be used to select best type of wind catcher and best use of resources and knowledge.

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