Application of Big Data in Tourism Destination Management: A Case Study of Changsha City

Han Wang, Ting Liu


In the era of information technology, the utilization of big data technology is rapidly growing, leading to significant changes in the tourism industry. Big data not only creates more business opportunities for the industry but also drives the transformation and enhancement of tourist destinations and the implementation of efficient management. This study employs two research methods: literature review and case analysis. Firstly, by reviewing relevant literature, the latest research findings and trends in big data technology for tourism destination management are summarized. Secondly, through case analysis, a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and challenges in the application of big data technology in tourism destination management in Changsha is obtained. Leveraging the Changsha cultural and tourism data platform, this study retrieves information such as tourist reception data of tourism destinations in Changsha and assesses the impact of Changsha’s big data technology on tourism destination management. The research reveals limitations and challenges in the application of big data technology in Changsha’s tourism destination management, including data privacy protection and technical security, which require further exploration in future practices. The goal of this study is to offer insights for the application of big data in tourism destination management in Changsha and provide guidance for destination managers in similar cities.

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