The Influence of Financial Agglomeration on Regional Economic Growth: A Case Study of Northern Anhui Province

Zhicao Chen


This study takes the northern Anhui region of China as an example to explore the impact of financial agglomeration on regional economic growth. By reviewing and summarizing the existing literature, this paper expounds the concept, connotation and characteristics of financial agglomeration, as well as the relationship between financial agglomeration and regional economic growth. Through in-depth investigation and analysis of the development of the financial industry in northern Anhui, this paper studies the characteristics and influencing factors of the phenomenon of financial agglomeration. Using the method of empirical research, this paper analyzes the specific role and degree of influence of financial agglomeration on economic growth in northern Anhui province, and discusses the key factors affecting the relationship between financial agglomeration and regional economic growth. This paper summarizes the research findings and puts forward relevant policy suggestions and development strategies to promote the development of financial agglomeration, optimize the allocation of financial resources and promote regional economic growth in northern Anhui. The purpose of this study is to provide useful reference for relevant policy makers and financial institutions, and promote the sustainable and healthy economic development in northern Anhui.

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