Design Tools for New Dwelling Dynamics

Alberto de Capua, Ester R. Mussari


The theme of Public Residential Building turned back to the center of the national debate. However, the reasons of this are attributable to not so favourable circumstances: we needed a pandemic lockdown to understand that the houses we live in, no longer meet our needs. Beyond the “symptomatology” more widely perceived as the lack of a balcony or a room, what a more careful eye has felt is the clear obsolescence relative to the home/house-system: for more than half a century, we continued to design residential spaces following standards and regulations little attentive to change and not calibrated on contemporary society. These are the reasons why we need an “house reform”, where design follows societal changes and revolutions such as globalization and digitalization, where therefore the fundamental paradigm could be “becoming”. In this perspective and applying the idea to the project, which became flexible and adaptable, Northern Europe can teach us how to think open and, mixing it with the Mediterranean resilience, we could propose a renovate design methodology for the new dwelling dynamics.

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