Exploring the Drivers of Corrupt Practices and Non-Adherence to Ethical Values in Public-Sector Management: Focusing on Public Policy and Programme Implementation

Isaac Sakyi Damoah, Anthony Ayakwah


This study explores the drivers of corrupt practices and non-adherence to ethical values in public management operations by focusing on public policy and programmes implementation within the Ghanaian context. Evidence based on an in-depth semi-structured interview (32) and focus-group discussions (2) found several drivers of corrupt practices and non-adherence to ethical values; which suggests an intertwined and cyclical relationships among the drivers. We find institutions, administration systems and political as fundamental drivers whilst socio-culture and economic as secondary drivers. However, political leadership is fundamental whilst management leadership from contracting firms are secondary drivers.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/uspa.v4n2p53


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