Appraising the Likely Gentrification Impacts of a Mega Transport Project—The Case of Crossrail

Junyou Liu


Megaprojects are defined as projects that cost a billion US dollars or more at 1990 prices. Mega transport infrastructure projects have the potential to affect important socioeconomic and territorial changes. They are often perceived as critical to the “success” of major metropolitan, regional and national development. The redevelopment of neighbourhoods offers many opportunities for regional regeneration, yet there remain concerns regarding the potential gentrification of areas leading to the displacement of existing populations and local businesses. This research applies multi-criteria analysis, a tool that is widely used in mega infrastructure project appraisal using the UK’s Crossrail as a case to explore the likelihood of gentrification and the displacement impacts of the project. This paper finds both positive and negative impacts. Different stakeholders express noticeably differing opinions regarding the project.

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