Role of Local Government in Promoting Women’s Health in Tamil Nadu



As a way of public health is concerned, the health issue of people in the nation is a crucial tool for all-round development of people. It is only a tool that develops the society and the state at large. Rural health is a vital weapon that develops the feeling of obligation as citizens towards rural advancement and management through the Panchayat Raj system for retaining sustainable rural health care services. The Panchayat Raj System plays an extensive role in the development of health, girls and child development and women participation in local administration, and so on. The Panchayat Raj institutions are an important device that plays a crucial position in rural health care services. The Panchayat Raj system is the backbone of rural health. The sustainable development of rural areas may be done easily in healthy surroundings and through first-class health care machines. Without a high-quality health care system and healthy surroundings, sustainable development is impossible. Indeed, Panchayat Raj Institutions play an essential role in improving primary health care and rural health.

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