Scholink is an independent publisher specializing in the field of open access and multi-disciplinary journals. Founded in 2012, Scholink has published more than 20 journals in different research areas—Journal of Business Theory and Practice(JBTP), Studies in English Language Teaching(SELT), World Journal of Social Science Research(WJSSR) , Research in Health Science(RHS) and World Journal of Educational Research(WJER)... In the near future, the publications will extend to other fields, including agriculture, biology, chemistry, environmental, health sciences, social sciences and technology. Our journals are published in an online system called, Open Journal Systems (OJS). OJS enables authors to submit their work online in a more convenient way, and to also comprehend the review process clearly. The term “Scholink” means we link scholars all around the world together for the purpose of exchanging their academic viewpoints. As an academic publisher, our mission is to create an unbiased platform for global scholars. In order to satisfy this, we use double-blind peer reviews. In addition, we have recruited a large quantity of experts from some of the top 500 universities in the world to serve as our peer reviewers. This will make sure that our assessment opinions are pertinent and helpful.