The Proof and Development of the Right to Be Forgotten in Civil Code

MoFei Li


Contemporary Chinese rights of personality law are in a period of perfection. The Personal Rights section of the Civil Code provides the ideological basis of law for other legislation on the rights of personality in China, and the newly released Personal Information Protection Law provides relevant provisions for the privacy issues involved in personal information. The legislation related to personality rights in China should respond to the needs of people’s personality rights in the Internet era and introduce laws to some rights that have emerged with the development of the Internet. In other words, based on confirming the general personality rights and personal information protection, we should protect the emerging rights such as “the right to be forgotten”. In this regard, based on the existing judicial and legislative practices, it is necessary to argue that the right to be forgotten is an independent form of right and to explore the legislative way forward for the right to be forgotten, to contribute to the effective protection of personality rights and personal information.

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