Research on the Value and Path of Integrating the Great Founding Spirit of CPC into College Ideological and Political Education

Xiaoxin Huang, Heng Lyu


The great founding spirit of the Communist Party of China (CPC) inspires the Party to unite and lead the Chinese people to create miracles in the struggle over more than a century. The great founding spirit of the CPC is a valuable resource for conducting a series of ideological and political education courses in China. Integrating it into college ideological and political courses can help the students strengthen their ideals and beliefs, enhance their sense of responsibility, consolidate their sense of responsibility, and enhance their emotional and value identity of patriotism, loving the party, and loving the people. This paper aims to explore the value and practical path of integrating the great founding spirit of the CPC into ideological and political education, and it provides a reference for the study of integrating ideological and political education really into college campuses, teaching, and student’s mind.

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