Cultural Devaluation of Women in the Nigerian Society up to 2010: An examination of the “I Mbya Jin I” Institution among the Jukun Wapan in Wukari Area of Taraba State

Francis, John Tenong, Hannatu Atoshi


Cultural sentiments have placed women and its institutions at a disadvantage in most African societies including Nigeria. Most cultures see women as inferior who are only useful in household chores, and reproduction. This indeed has informed the patriarchal nature of the Nigerian society, which explains underplay of women and its institutions. Thus, this paper investigated the cultural devaluation of women in the Nigerian society, with a specific focus on the “I Mbya Jin I” institution among the Jukun Wapan in Wukari area of Taraba State up to 2010. This paper particularly targeted at examining the cultural place of women and its institutions among the Jukun, trends in this institutions, and it place in the Jukun community today. The historical methodology was used, and it was structured along thematic lines. Though the research revealed that culture and religion are associated with the devaluation of women in the society, the religious claim is however untenable. What is tenable is the fact that cultural sentiments have under play the roles of women and its institutions in the society. It is also the contention of this research that women have been a significant part of the socio-cultural, economic, and political development. This was evident in the cultural institutions among the Jukun wapan women in Wukari area of Taraba state Nigeria.

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