Road Accident and Safety Issue in Bangladesh: A Critical Review

Naimul Razzaque, Sharmin Jahan Runa, Md. Sagor Hossain


Road accidents are a major public health concern in Bangladesh, causing significant harm to individuals and society as a whole. Despite various initiatives taken by the government, the number of road accidents continues to increase, highlighting the need for a legal approach to address this issue. This study aims to analyze the current legal framework in Bangladesh with regards to road safety and identify potential areas for improvement. The study found that the current legal framework in Bangladesh contains several provisions aimed at promoting road safety, including the Bangladesh Road Transport Act, the Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation Act, and the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Act. However, these laws lack effective enforcement mechanisms, and there is limited accountability for those who violate traffic rules. This has led to widespread flouting of traffic regulations and a high incidence of road accidents. The study recommends the introduction of stricter penalties for those who violate traffic rules, including fines and imprisonment. It also suggests the establishment of an independent road safety commission to monitor compliance with traffic rules and to ensure effective implementation of road safety measures. The commission should have the authority to investigate road accidents and to take appropriate actions against those found responsible persons. Additionally, the study recommends the introduction of mandatory training programs for all drivers and the provision of better infrastructure and technology to support road safety. This may include the installation of traffic lights and speed cameras, as well as the use of innovative technologies such as GPS-based monitoring systems. In conclusion, a legal approach is crucial in addressing the problem of road accidents in Bangladesh. By introducing stricter penalties, establishing an independent road safety commission, and investing in road safety infrastructure and technology, the government can help to reduce the number of road accidents and save lives. Further research is needed to understand the impact of these measures and to identify additional ways to promote road safety in Bangladesh.

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