Research on the Construction of Legal Culture in Ethnic Areas in the New Era under the Consciousness of Chinese National Community

Tianjun Lan, Zhihan Zhang


The cultivation of a rule of law culture exerts a profound influence on the enactment of the directives from the 20th Party Congress, the refinement of the legal system, and the fostering of ethnic solidarity. Furthermore, the establishment of a rule of law culture is crucial for preserving ethnic unity, augmenting the sense of national identity, and facilitating the grand rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Currently, minority regions face challenges including the attenuation of religious fervor, economic limitations imposed by legal frameworks, and a deficiency in initiatives aimed at nurturing a legal culture. In response to these issues, it is imperative to galvanize public enthusiasm under the Party’s guidance and spearhead the development of a rule of law culture through grassroots social governance, thereby addressing the prevailing challenges in the advancement of legal culture within ethnic communities.

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