From Post-Doc to Lockdown Teaching and Learning: Pedagogical Lessons for Religion and Mission in the Changing Post-COVID-19 Context

Buhle Mpofu


Online education offers flexible, although sometimes limited and unaffordable higher education and allows people to work while studying. Critical to improving access to online learning programs within the African context is the expansion of internet connectivity especially for people living outside of urban communities. This paper (Note 1) employs the postcolonial lens and the concept of “sacred pedagogy” to examine the experience of transition from Post-doctoral research to teaching online during the time of CODID-19 disruptions on the academic programs. The discussion concludes by highlighting the that given the evolving and fast-changing COVID-19 world, teaching and learning methodologies should be participatory—not one fits all—but accommodative of students from poor communities so that they are encouraged to fully participate and express their values and opinions within the academia.

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