Keynes Never Assumed at Any Time in His Life… That All Statements or Proposition Stand in Logical Relation to each other (Misak, 2020, p. 114)

Michael Emmett Brady


In a review of C.Misak’s2020 biography of F P Ramsey, a reviewer named F. E. Guerra-Pujol assumed that the material contained in Misak’s book on Keynes, as regards Ramsey’s claims about Keynes’s Logical Theory of Probability, on pp. 112-121 and pp.264-273,was true.

The problem is that all of the material in Misak’s book dealing with Keynes is wrong, as it is based on claims made by F. P. Ramsey that directly conflicted with Keynes’s application of Boole’s relational, propositional logic.

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