Task Scheduling Optimization in Cloud Computing by Jaya Algorithm

Ahmed Y. Hamed, M. Kh. Elnahary, Hamdy H. El-Sayed


Cloud computing provides resources to its consumers as a service. The cloud computing paradigm offers dynamic services by providing virtualized resources via the internet for enabling applications, and these services are provided by large-scale data centers known as clouds. Cloud computing is entirely reliant on the internet to provide its services to consumers. Cloud computing offers several advantages, including the fact that users only pay for what they use weekly, monthly, or yearly, that anybody with an internet connection may use the cloud, and that there is no need to purchase resources, hardware, or software on their own. This paper proposes an efficient task scheduling algorithm based on the Jaya algorithm for the cloud computing environment. We evaluate the performance of our method by applying it to three instances. The recommended technique produced the optimal solution in makespan, speedup, efficiency, and throughput, according to the findings.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/asir.v7n2p30


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