Unity in Diversity: Religion Cum Language Argument for African Multiculturalism

Dominica E. Ukpong (Ph.D), Peter Nyah (Ph.D)


Multiculturalism is a relatively new and engaging area of scholarship, and has been viewed variously from an interdisciplinary point of view especially as having more problems than it can resolve. Africa is also known as a hub for multiculturalism with a handful of ethnic and tribal groups. Despite the problems associated with multiculturalism such as diversity in language and cultural beliefs, this work attempts to x-ray the concept of “unity in diversity” from a religious cum language basis that supports the argument that multiculturalism from a traditional African point of view, is very beneficial, important and helpful rather than its negative perception. The method employed in the study is critical analysis.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22158/assc.v5n2p36


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