Methodological Approach for the Analysis of Artistic Creativity through First-Person Analysis

Pierre d’Argyll


Can the study of a single subject by means of a first-person analysis be considered from a scientific methodological approach? The response from neurophenomenology is yes. The recent science of consciousness led by Francisco Varela claims the need to use first-person data, subjective-experiential reports to link them with neurobiological correlates of classically scientific third-person data. I address here a systematic disciplined methodology to translate first-person analysis to the field of art creativity to be performed by the own artist/subject. The goal is to formulate a methodology to be further validated and standardized by other artists willing to perform an introspective analysis, in what can be considered open to “intersubjective validation” in terms of Varela. First-person analysis by the artist herself might reciprocally offer the basis for scientific understanding of the neural processes involved in the synthesis of a creative artwork. Finally, better understanding in the mechanisms involved in inspiration, synthesis and execution of art-work may also help an artist to enhance his/her creative abilities.

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