Anthropological Explanation and Practical Revelation of Cultural Confidence

Ma Miaozheng


Cultural self-confidence is ultimately people's recognition of national cultural values, which means that the study of cultural self-confidence must pay more attention to "people". Therefore, this paper applies Marxist anthropological theory to interpret cultural self-confidence from the three levels of human development, human value and human needs, and accordingly proposes that in the development of cultural self-confidence, we should know the status of "people", pay attention to the influence of "people", and play the subjective role of "people". Accordingly, it proposes that in the process of developing cultural self-confidence, it is necessary to understand the status of "man", pay attention to the influence of "man", and give full play to the subjective role of "man", which lays a solid theoretical foundation and a guiding direction for building a strong socialist cultural force by consolidating cultural self-confidence.

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